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Brooklyn East Collegiate Charter School students, families, teachers, and administration all have responsibilities to promote student learning and growth. In order for students to learn and grow, it is essential that we all do our part.

Brooklyn East frequently communicates with parents and families, through phone calls, bi-weekly progress reports, and report card conferences. We have a Family Involvement Committee, and host workshops for families to help support learning at home. In addition, we love seeing parents and families at all of our school events.

Before my daughter Emanie attended Brooklyn East Collegiate she was doing okay in school – my wife and I essentially dragged her out of bed and tag-teamed her about homework and tests because – like every parent – we value education and the opportunities it can provide.

Because of luck – at the 25th hour – our daughter won an opportunity to attend Brooklyn East Collegiate. Their school community focuses students on empowerment: not only their emphasis on graduating from college, but also through amazing enrichment opportunities like dance and theatre. The dedication of all the educators in her school has given Emanie the confidence to perform in front of an audience – something she could not do before.

And, for the first time she has developed relationships with her teachers that make them more effective educators and mentors. She now realizes that her teachers are human: they can be passionate about math, like the Knicks, and enjoy manicures and pedicures. And, as a team and family, they can make sure she has the skills she needs to graduate from college.”

For Marquise, prior to being at BEC he wasn’t excited about school or his grades. He’s a smart, energetic child who wants to do the right thing, but was never pushed hard enough. College was a fantasy for him. But, when he came home from his first day at BEC, he told me that he was part of the College Graduating Class of 2022. This touched me because I am graduating from college this spring.

Marquise’s self-confidence has grown tremendously, and BEC has made him more aware of himself and his capabilities. This pride is genuinely expressed with him setting his alarm and getting himself up and ready to go.  He leaves every morning by himself, excited for school, excited to see his teachers, and excited to make his community a better place.”